Kespry designs and builds commercial-grade drone systems that allow a business to capture, view and analyze aerial imagery and survey data with a proprietary uav drone technology.

Construction Kespry Drones for Construction

Kespry drones are the safest way for construction companies to reliably and affordably collect aerial photographs, 2D and 3D models, maps and other job site data. Learn how it works and watch a Kespry drone in action on a construction job site.

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Product Kespry Drone System

The Kespry Drone System is a commercial-grade solution that allows businesses to easily plan flights, capture aerial data, and view high-resolution maps.

  • Aerial Data & Visual Information
    • Secure wireless data upload, aerial image processing and storage in the Kespry Cloud
    • Aerials, maps, elevation modeling, and 2D mapping available in visual or high-dynamic range (HDR)
    • Easy share aerial data and visual information via Kespry Cloud with on-site and remote teams


Based in Menlo Park, CA, Kespry designs and builds highly reliable drone systems for commercial applications. To achieve high standards of safety, productivity, and reliability, Kespry controls the design of each critical component. This attention to integrated design and reliability provides superior efficiencies and accelerates the delivery of advanced functionality.



Kespry employees come from top universities including Stanford, MIT, Caltech, and Harvard. The team's prior experience includes work at Google X, NASA, BMW, Apple, Intel, and the American Red Cross.


Build the future of flight at Kespry! Work with the best in their fields. You'll have the opportunity to learn from as well as teach team members in a collaborative environment. See Kespry's Open Positions.

Working at Kespry