Kespry & NVIDIA
NVIDIA and Kespry partner on the new NVIDIA module to apply deep learning to drone systems
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Proven Cost Savings
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Aggregate Drones
Use Kespry automated drones to capture aerial images
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Measure Stockpiles
Use Kespry drones to automatically measure aggregate stockpiles
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3D Models
Use Kespry Cloud for to create and export 3D models
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Automated Drone System

Kespry designs and builds automated commercial drone systems that allow a business to capture, view and analyze aerial imagery and survey data. Early Kespry commercial customers include leaders in aggregates, mining, construction and insurance.

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The Kespry Cloud, fueled by efficient, repeatable Kespry UAV flights, allows us to quickly collect site information, process it, and deliver results to our customers.

—Mark Power, Survey Team Leader, Woolpert

Kespry Aggregate Drones

icon Kespry drones help aggregate companies to improve operations and safety by automating the collection of aerial data and measurement of aggregate stockpiles to save time and money.

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"We use the Kespry Drone System to measure stockpiles, manage inventory and for pit planning, as well as surveying new and existing quarry locations for construction projects across Alberta Canada.”

—Chris Hendsbee, Crushing Operations Manager, Wapiti Gravel Suppliers

Kespry Construction Drones

icon Kespry drones help construction and survey companies to safely and reliably collect aerial information to share with project teams to build 2D and 3D models and help manage construction site progress.

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"Great product. The fully autonomous flight made me more comfortable about the Kespry Drone System.”

—Pete Robar, Fluor Construction

Kespry Drone System

icon The Kespry Drone System is an integrated and automated commercial-grade solution that allows businesses to easily plan drone flights, capture aerial data, and view high-resolution maps and surveys of commercial sites.

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“The Kespry Drone System has been easy for Sully-Miller to deploy to help manage our mine operations and stockpiles. We’re excited about putting Kespry drones to work at our mines.”

—Jon Layne, Business Development Manager, Sully-Miller, subsidiary of Colas USA

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