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Paul Doersch


Paul Doersch was a Product Manager and Lead Developer at BMW Group. He spearheaded BMW's first 3rd party service integrations including Pandora Radio, and led the team that created the BMW M Laptimer for analysing high performance driving. In 2009 he worked in a research group at Volkswagen on the topic of automotive user interfaces, and was named in a German patent for innovations the group developed. Paul was a member of the founding team of Lexeem Inc., a company which provided a novel user interface and social structure to enable efficient human language translation. In 2010 Paul graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Ben Stabler


Ben Stabler recently graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science and a Systems focus. During his time at Stanford he was Electrical team lead for the Stanford Solar Car Project, and subsequently built telemetry software for Mission Motors, an electric motorcycle startup, and designed a number of powertrain electronic systems for another EV startup that is still in stealth mode. Most recently Ben was Lead Hardware Engineer for Wheelz, a peer-to-peer car sharing startup that was recently acquired. While at Wheelz he designed and brought to manufacture a range of embedded telematic devices that were installed in customers vehicles to facilitate the service. He is motivated by intelligent, efficient products, and ideas that challenge the status quo.

Jay Borenstein


Jay Borenstein has 15+ years of executive level management experience and 20+ years of experience in software engineering and product development working with some of the brightest minds in software. As the CEO of Integration Appliance (www.intapp.com) he grew the company from inception to a 50 person, $10M annual revenue business and hired and installed a management team that continues to grow the business which Jay oversaw from his position on the board of Directors until December, 2012. Jay is known for leveraging his own technical foundation to help assess to the practicalities of different company strategies impartially and efficiently. Jay currently is a member of the Stanford University Computer Science Department where he teaches both undergraduate and graduate level students.

Nathan Hall-Snyder

VP of Engineering

Nathan recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a Mechatronics specialization from Stanford University. While at Stanford, he was the president of the Stanford Solar Car Project, responsible for the engineering of the vehicle as well as the race team and operations. Most recently, Nathan has been working on a production-ready high-efficiency in-wheel motor for electric vehicles. He has previously worked at Google [x], developed patent-pending battery technology and power modules for electric vehicle startup Mission Motors, and worked at product consultancies Mindtribe and Function Engineering as well as at Agilent Automation Solutions.

Parker Clark

Software Engineering Manager

Parker Clark recently graduated first in the Stanford Engineering School Class of 2013 with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Materials Science. While at Stanford, Parker helped develop novel electrode material systems and growth techniques for use in Photon-Enhanced Thermionic Emission, a SunShot-funded renewable energy project. In industry, Parker has worked at both Intel and Apple with a focus on creation of design automation software for use in VLSI semiconductor development. At Apple, Parker leveraged his design automation software to perfect novel CMOS sense amplifier topologies for custom SRAM memories. In his spare time, Parker enjoys backpacking, classical guitar, and surfing.

Robert Karol

Senior Engineer

Robert Karol graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as minors in Control and Dynamical Systems as well as Aerospace Engineering in 2012 and is currently pursuing a masters degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University. While at Caltech, he worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories on a wide range of projects including robotic arms, and aerial photography for extreme environments. His research continued into satellite control systems, and tracking algorithms. After graduation he worked at IJK controls, a control theory consulting company, implementing non-linear state estimation algorithms. His main areas of interest are state estimation and autonomous control of aerospace systems.

John Jessen

Senior Engineer

John graduated from Stanford with a degree in Computer Science and a concentration in Graphics. He worked on a stoplight detection algorithm with BMW as his final project. Before joining Kespry, he joined Motion Math, making math games for kids and contributing to three games on the app store. He then spent two years as a software developer for BMW's Apps platform, developing tools and working with other companies to integrate their iOS apps into BMW's infotainment system. In his free time John watches movies and takes amateur video, including a Shark Tank audition and a video for LightUp's Kickstarter campaign which successfully raised $120,000.

Jay Thomason

Senior Engineer

Jay Thomason is currently a graduate student at Stanford University pursuing degrees in Computer Science on the Systems and Software Theory tracks. At Stanford he worked closely with researchers at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab to develop and implement social experiments in virtual reality. More recently Jay worked with the Stanford Information Networks Group to develop a robust and distributed exception-handling system for Waldo, a high-level programming language for distributed applications. Outside of Stanford he has developed cloud-based enterprise security services at Proofpoint Inc. When he is not programming, Jay enjoys traveling, writing music and taking photos.

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