Prevent Losses and Make More Informed Underwriting Decisions

Kespry’s drone-based aerial intelligence platform safely delivers detailed and accurate roof inspection data for any property in minutes. Quickly assess roof conditions, identify issues, and make better decisions with a drone solution that can scale to every building inspection.

Risk & Underwriting

Risk & Underwriting with Kespry

Identify Roof Issues Before They Become Expensive Claims

Kespry’s flexible, automated workflows include:

  • Fully autonomous flights to ensure the safest, highest quality results
  • Mobile tools to review inspection quality imagery within minutes of flight
  • AI technology to generate fully-dimensioned wireframes and 3D roof models

Watch the ondemand webinar "The Drone Revolution in Commercial Property Insurance" to learn more.



High-resolution Thermal Inspection

Detect potential damage faster and more accurately than manual inspections or first-generation drone solutions with Kespry radiometric thermal inspection capabilities.

  • Pixel level radiometric analysis to show specific temperature issues
  • Pinpoint location of damage or concern with the combination thermal data and high resolution imagery
  • Complete inspections faster and at a lower costs with automatic roof dimension data

Read our blog “Inspecting a $750 Billion Industry” to learn more.

Complete, Field-to-Finish Solution

Kespry’s fully automated aerial intelligence solution streamlines the roof inspection process through an integrated field-to-finish experience.

  • Easy-to-use autonomous drone flights with no manual piloting or joysticks
  • High-resolution imagery of the entire roof surface, not just the areas an inspector can physically access
  • AI and automated workflows produce actionable insights and data in minutes

Watch our on-demand webinar "2018: The Year Drones Modernize the P&C Insurance Process" to learn more.

Safe, Accurate, Unbiased Results

Kespry delivers a safe, efficient process to make fully-informed decisions and prevent expensive claims.

  • Inspection-quality images provide accurate, unbiased roof conditions
  • Comprehensive roof reports and fully-dimensioned roof models are available in minutes
  • All data can be easily shared with policyholders and underwriters

Watch the video "Kespry for Insurance and Roofing Introduction" to learn more.

Kespry allows me to more efficiently and safely evaluate and measure a greater number of roofs on a daily basis. Using the Kespry drone eliminates the fatigue factor and improves our ability to professionally inspect properties.
Jim Grabowski

Loss Recovery Specialist , Frontline Insurance

Our first core value is ‘Be the trusted advisor.' The Kespry Drone helps us live our first core value so well because we're really stepping up the customer value. We're giving you a look at your roof that nobody else is giving you. Right now, we're the ones that can do it.
Chad Conley

Executive Vice President, Complete Roofing



Commercial Property Inspection

Infographic: The opportunity for autonomous drones in commercial property.

Haag Roof Measurement Accuracy Report

Report: Kespry is the first company to submit its enterprise drone system to Haag for independent evaluation and to receive the firm’s seal-of-approval for roof measurements.