05.12.17 Kespry

“Drones at Work” – It’s About Data, Insight and Applications

I’ve just joined Kespry as the VP of Engineering and it may be the biggest leap of my professional life.

Most of my career I’ve been building technology products and assembling, growing and leading the teams that build them for companies like Palm, SanDisk, Autodesk, Cruise, Livescribe, Odesta, Pensoft/EO and most recently, Lily Robotics. Much of my focus has been on the consumer. Why now the enterprise? And why drones, especially ones designed for commercial and industrial use?

My career began with me developing applications of artificial intelligence. I then transitioned to relational, object and hybrid database systems before working for the market leader in design automation. Collectively, I’ve spent over two decades working on mobile, Internet-connected devices and platforms of all kinds.

Additionally, I’ve had an uncanny knack for being a bit early into many incredible markets. I helped to build the first smartphone at EO before Apple even had the iPod. I was working in wearable computing before it was cool, and I have been involved in the Internet of Things since way before it had a name. Most recently, I experienced a “trial by fire” where I learned the challenges of building drones and delivering reliable, autonomous, flying cameras to market.

I am passionate about products, people and innovation and I enjoy addressing big market opportunities, leading exceptional teams and delivering great products. Now, I am really pumped to be part of the leadership team at Kespry!

Why Kespry?

At Kespry, we’re tackling the technical challenges of building a network of flying sensors that captures both visual and nonvisual data and can operate reliably, safely and autonomously in obstacle-rich environments. This network feeds an extensible, cloud-based software platform that utilizes photogrammetry, data analysis and machine learning to provide solutions for the enterprise that drive growth, reduce cost, increase safety and enhance profitability.

The fully-integrated Kespry platform is hugely scalable. It consumes and analyzes large volumes of data, provides an API for integration with third parties and includes a flexible system for developing and deploying new machine learning algorithms. This allows Kespry and its customers to quickly evolve and improve our analytics and the value we provide. Kespry is leveraging this innovative cloud platform and is partnering with best in class enterprise companies to develop a family of applications in key vertical markets.

In my search for Kespry, I was fortunate to have been introduced to many of the other companies working on enterprise drones and have met with their founders and/or members of their leadership teams. This is a competitive space and our competitors are led by talented people, many of whom are early drone advocates. For me, it’s not about the drone, it’s about the network, the data, the insight and the solutions that the data can enable.

At Kespry, I found a company on the cusp of something big. Kespry follows a vertically integrated systems approach to product allowing the flexibility to accommodate new capabilities quickly. I found a technical team here with a foundation in systems, flight and robotics, expertise in designing cloud-based, data-driven systems for scale, applied experience in geospatial data analysis and a true sense of pride and ownership in delivering great UI/UX to the user.

I did find veterans of the drone industry who had come to Kespry from competitors; but more importantly, I found a business team with a foundation in data analytics, enterprise software and solutions – and a track record of multiple successes in that space. And, it’s a team that shares a bold vision for the future of the company.

Kespry is a unique opportunity. It affords me the opportunity to integrate the breadth of my multidisciplinary experience, work with some of the brightest minds in the Valley, learn from the best partners on the planet and to help build a company that has the opportunity to change multiple industries. It is a rich opportunity to innovate, to add value to enterprise customers that make lasting decisions based upon demonstrated business value, and to build a multi-billion dollar business.

I’m all in!