Earthworks Project Management

Kespry’s drone-based aerial intelligence platform enables construction companies to better manage earthworks projects with fast and frequent survey-grade accurate data.

Earthworks Management

Earthworks Management with Kespry

A New Way Of Achieving Survey-Grade Accurate Data

Using Kespry to manage earthworks operations enables contractors and surveyors to:

  • Achieve survey-grade data faster and more frequently with simple quick in-house flights
  • Perform cut-and-fill calculations for near real-time grade management assessments
  • Verify plan compliance, allowing contractors to confidently validate project progress according to design plans and project timelines

Read our whitepaper "How to Successfully Manage Earthworks Operations with Kespry" to learn more.



Grading and Drainage Plan Compliance

Frequent flights with Kespry ensure project plans are executed according to design plan criteria.

  • The Kespry Cloud allows project managers and site superintendents to easily import design plans to verify progress and phase completion
  • Contractors can quickly draw cross-sections to evaluate grade changes along slopes
  • With Kespry data, grade checkers run spot checks to validate elevations on completed surfaces and document installed materials

Watch our on-demand webinar "Drone Earthworks Planning, Bidding and Project Management" to learn more.

Earthwork Progress Tracking

Kespry enables construction companies to track earthworks quantities on an as-needed basis to avoid rework or excessive material handling.

  • Frequent cut-and-fill reports enable project teams to evaluate earthwork operational efficiencies
  • Easy data export options allows surveyors and site supervisors to perform detailed analysis in third-party software
  • 2D and 3D visual tools increase project visibility from the field to the office

Watch our on-demand webinar "A New Survey Tool For Earthworks Projects" to learn more.

We use Kespry for comparison to see the high and low, and we can see the changes that have occurred. The color really contrasts to compare those flights over time to see where we've moved dirt and where we need to move dirt from one spot to another, and plan our work based on where that dirt is or where it needs to be.
Dan Liechty

Project Engineer, D&T Excavation

If we don't think the existing topo we're given once we get a project is accurate, we'll use Kespry to fly it to confirm how close the existing one is from the original print, to what actually is out there.
Justin Geiger

Technology Specialist, Ironclad Excavating



Ironclad Excavating Customer Video

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How to Successfully Manage Earthworks Operations with Kespry

Guide: Drones are providing construction companies with a new way of achieving survey-grade accurate data faster and more frequently.