The Drone-Based Aerial Intelligence Platform for Insurance and Roofing

Kespry is transforming how insurance companies inspect roofs by dramatically reducing the time spent on each building while improving the customer's experience. The fully-autonomous system improves safety, reduces loss adjustment expenses, and delivers more accurate risk assessments.


As many properties inspected per day


Dimensional accuracy vs. traditional methods


Millimeter resolution detects granular loss

Use Cases

Use Cases

Claims Management

The Kespry system is designed to dramatically decrease claim cycle times, eliminate ladder assists, and deliver comprehensive reports. Settle up to three times as many claims per day while reducing overall costs.

Risk and Underwriting

The Kespry solution helps prevent losses and informs underwriting decisions with incredibly high-resolution aerial imagery to identify exposures. Accurate, unbiased reports are easily prepared and shared with all parties.


Whether creating an estimate or providing maintenance recommendations, with Kespry you can inspect any residential or commercial property in minutes. Highly-detailed images, accurate roof measurements, and full reports provide transparency to clients while reducing the time spent inspecting each roof.

Innovation meets roofing with Kespry. No ladders, no special boots, no chalk, no measuring, while providing crisp photos and accurate measurements in a matter of minutes.
Ellen Westcoat

Loss Recovery Specialist, Frontline Insurance

Kespry’s hail damage detection capability is just phenomenal technology. We can use this cloud software and generate a very comprehensive report in a matter of minutes.
Chad Conley

Executive Vice President, Complete Roofing



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