Accurate Mine Planning

Mine engineers, surveyors and project managers deploy Kespry to survey active mining operations to reduce third-party costs, eliminate delays in project schedules, and ensure mine plans are properly executed.

Mine Planning

Mine Planning with Kespry

Survey-Grade Drone Data for Mine Planning

Using Kespry for Mine Planning enables engineers and surveyors to:

  • Produce accurate plans faster for pits, haul roads and mine reclamation
  • Deliver more efficient and safer project operations
  • Ensure compliance of mine plans and validate reserve models

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Blasting and Stripping Operations

Tracking daily earthwork operations provides project teams with near real-time data.

  • Manage cut and fill quantities from one dataset to another and improve earthwork operational efficiencies
  • Visually inspect highwalls and blasting operations from the safety of an office
  • Directly import mine plans and quickly validate work performed

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Haul Road Planning and Reserve Modeling

Planning tools in the Kespry Cloud allow mining companies to update and manage to mine plans on a daily basis.

  • Evaluate existing site conditions and validate reserves - without walking near active operations.
  • Calculate grades and elevations for haul road planning and deliver immediate results to operators
  • Export data to third-party design software and update mine plans

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The Kespry Drone System has been easy for us to deploy to help manage our mine operations and stockpiles. We’re excited about putting Kespry drones to work at our mines.
Jon Layne

Business Development Manager, Sully-Miller

Sully Miller Logo

We like to do our mine planning visually with the photos. And with the contours, we were able to look at our contours to keep everything straight and calculate projected volumes for our future blasting.
Ken Kampman

Survey and Operations Manager, Fred Weber



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