04.16.18 Kespry

On-site Roof Claims Decisions In As Little As 1 Hour

Insurance carriers have long been plagued by slow, inaccurate, and dangerous manual assessments of roof damage to settle hail and storm damage claims. Climbing on high or steep rooftops puts inspectors in harms way and drives up loss adjustment expenses. The time-consuming, subjective nature of the traditional roof claims process certainly doesn’t deliver an optimum customer experience.

More recently, drone-captured data has been utilized to improve safety and deliver a more accurate assessment of the entire roof surface – not just the areas that can be accessed by a manual inspection. However, the drone data may take many hours to process before being ready to use in a claim decision, eliminating the ability to settle the claim while the adjuster is still on-site.

The bar has been raised…

Kespry, the leading aerial intelligence solution provider, has released new on-site and mobile-based drone tools to dramatically accelerate the assessment of roof damage from hail and storms. Armed with on-site data and tools that follow currently accepted industry standards, insurance adjusters can now make claim payout decisions in as little as 1 hour – all during a single visit to the property.

These new capabilities enable insurance carriers to make their touchless claims process more efficient while delivering an improved customer experience through faster claims resolution and improved transparency.

How insurance carriers are benefiting from Kespry’s newest solutions:

• Reduce loss adjustment expenses and claims cycle times
• Improve the safety of adjusters and roof inspectors
• Improve the customer experience with transparency and faster claims decisions

To learn more about how leading companies are delivering faster, safer roof claims with Kespry’s aerial intelligence solutions, download our guide. You can also view our on-demand webinar “How Drones are Driving 1-Hour Roof Claim Decisions“.