Drones for Process Industries

Kespry enables processing industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Power and others with the most accurate and easy to use drone-based solution for daily and regularly scheduled site inspections. A single 30-minute or less drone flight across the entire site is used to monitor the condition and quantities of storage tanks, buildings, pipelines, access roads and stockpiled materials with accuracy levels down to centimeters and millimeters. Flight data is automatically collected and processed in a single, secure online cloud location where automatically generated reports, models and dashboards are available for analysis.

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Use Cases

Use Cases

Inventory Management

Processing companies frequently monitor the quantity, location and physical condition of stockpiled materials to ensure regulatory compliance and operational demand is achieved. With Kespry's solution, true volumes of materials are accurate within 1-3% giving operational and production teams the confidence to influence daily operations.

Site Inspections

Processing facilities run 24x7. Inspections of tanks, stacks, structures, and other operations assets are critical to ensure maximum performance and health. Kespry's drone solutions are automated and easy to use, enabling teams to frequently collect high-resolution images that get transformed into a 2D and 3D model used to safely inspect sites without endangering employees.

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Rooftop Inspections

Rooftop inspections of facilities and buildings can be cumbersome, dangerous and expensive for processing sites. Kespry enables facility managers and site managers with a purpose-built roof inspection application that uses AI and ML to automatically detect and calculate roof dimensions, damage, and accessories. Managers can easily coordinate and plan with maintenance teams to track and monitor changes in the condition of roof and roof structures using easy to use interactive models and reports.

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