Project Planning and Documentation

Kespry’s user-friendly, end-to-end drone solution empowers earthworks contractors to collect their own, independent survey-grade data to use throughout the entire length of the project.

Project Planning

Project Planning with Kespry

A Smarter, Faster, and More Accurate Method to Plan Earthworks Jobs

Using Kespry for project planning enables earthworks contractors to:

  • Reduce unplanned costs by accurately evaluating proposed earthwork
  • Confidently document site conditions to improve project readiness
  • Streamline plan submittal to save time and money

Read our whitepaper "Drones For Earthworks Projects: Pre-Construction" to learn more.



Integration and Documentation

Project managers and site surveyors are deploying Kespry throughout the project to record phase completion

  • Frequently update machine control surfaces
  • Verify subcontractor work performed
  • Increase liability protection with more accurate documentation

Watch the video "Earthworks Toolset Demo" to learn more.

Estimation, Take-off, and Planning

With Kespry, companies validate and develop an efficient schedule before projects begin

  • Evaluate proposed grading plans and eliminate change orders
  • Develop efficient project schedules and reduce rework
  • Visualize sites in 3D and improve project planning

Figure out your savings now with our Earthworks Savings Calculator.

The Kespry system lets us know exactly how much dirt we’re moving and if we’re behind or ahead of schedule. Now, we can easily track production and provide information to the developers we work with so they’re confident in our work.
Justin Geiger

Technology Specialist, Ironclad Excavating

We use the Kespry Drone to topo a jobsite whenever we want. Once a week, or if there's a change, we can run out there and do it on a daily basis just for a progress topo. We know where we're at on a job, how far we have to go, and then are able to quickly get the data to know where work still needs to occur.
Dan Liechty

Project Engineer, D&T Excavation