The Future of Touchless Site Inspections – On Demand Webinar

How Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform delivers fast, efficient and accurate drone-based inspections with touchless, single-person deployments at worksites.

Learn More about the Kespry Experience from Kespry Experts

On-Demand Webinar: Hear from fellow Kesperian’s George Mathew, Kavita Joshi and Shanon Southwick as they discuss how Kespry, and our teams, enable customers to utilize a single source of aerial truth with our touchless, drone-based cloud analytics system.

How Grinnell Mutual Implemented Drone-Based Cloud Analytics

On-Demand Webinar: Learn how Grinnell Mutual partnered with Kespry to provide a more efficient and accurate experience for customers, plus create a safer work environment for employees with Kespry’s touchless, drone-based cloud analytics system.

Unlock Your Drone Data

On-Demand Webinar: Learn how Tiller Corp increased survey frequency, improved business readiness and revenue potential, and ensured employee safety with fully-unlocked drone data.

Accurate and Frequent Drone-Based Surveys for Processing Facilities Management

Solution Overview: How Kespry enables processing industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Power and others

End-of-Year Checklist for Mining & Aggregates Industries

Solution Overview: Evaluate whether your current method delivers the accuracy, speed and reliability required for end-of-year inventory.

The Kespry Trial

Trial: For a limited time, we're offering you a chance to experience the easy-to-use and multi-purpose Kespry platform with our new trial.

Kespry’s Agg and Mining Customer Panel: How Drone Data Became a Core Part of Their Business

On-Demand Webinar: Learn about the value of frequent-captured, standardized data across all sites for mine planning, inventory management, environmental and land management, and mergers and acquisitions

Kespry Mining and Aggregates Survey Results

Survey reveals companies are saving up to $100,000 and 2,400 hours a year with Kespry.

Grinnell Mutual & the Kespry Drone-Based Aerial Intelligence Platform

Leading property casualty insurance company leverages Kespry to significantly reduce inspection time, expedite claims processes, reduce loss adjustment expenses, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Stockpile Inventory Cloud Trial

Experience why 25% of North American aggregates are managed in the Kespry Cloud.

Kespry Aerial Intelligence for Mining and Aggregates

Live Demo: Register for this demo to learn the entire drone lifecycle for mining and aggregates, from "field to finish."

3 Ways Drones Make Aggregates & Mining Companies More Profitable

Guide: Drone technology is proving to be the most valuable tool available for industrial use cases.

How Drones Drive Mining Sales, Operational, and Accounting Efficiency

On-Demand Webinar: How Drones Drive Mining Sales, Operational, and Accounting Efficiency

Site Planning Toolkit for Operations

Guide: Boost mine and quarry site productivity and profitability by enabling faster extraction, site design, compliance, and safety decisions

Kespry Aerial Intelligence for Earthworks

Live Demo: Register for this demo to learn the entire drone lifecycle for earthworks and construction projects, from "field to finish."

Unlimited Drone Surveys for Pre-Construction and Progress Tracking

Guide: Improve takeoff calcs, reduce unnecessary rework and costly change orders, better manage equipment across projects

Increase Mine Operation and Site Planning Productivity and Profitability

On-Demand Webinar: Increase Mine Operation and Site Planning Productivity and Profitability

Drone Surveys for Mine Engineers and Site Surveyors

Guide: Confidently execute mine plans, track earthwork activity, and monitor production performance

Own Your Site Data

On-Demand Webinar

Ironclad Excavating Customer Video

Customer Video: Ironclad Excavating applies Kespry for earthworks and construction

Drone Surveys for End-of-Year Mining Inventories

Webinar: Discover how using an enterprise-class drone system throughout the year enables aggregates and mining companies to successfully close end-of-year books and avoid costly write-downs.

Delta Companies Case Study

Case Study: Delta Companies applies Kespry for inventory management and mine planning.

Drones for Commercial Roof Inspection

Solution Overview: Drones for Commercial Insurance

Drones for Residential Roof Claims

Solution Overview: Drones for Residential Roof Claims

St Marys Cement Canada Building Materials Case Study

Case Study: St Marys CBM applies Kespry for efficient mine planning and surveying.

Drone Surveys for the Pulp and Paper Industry

On-Demand Webinar

Drones for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Solution Overview: Kespry’s drone platform delivers real-time data insights for Pulp and Paper companies to accurately analyze stockpile inventories and improve site operations.

Feature Spotlight: Kespry Design Plan

On-demand Webinar

Commercial Property Inspection

Infographic: The opportunity for autonomous drones in commercial property.

Drones in Insurance: Achieving On-site Roof Claims in as Little as 1 Hour

Guide: Learn how drones achieve on-site roof claim resolution in as little as 1 hour.

1 Hour Claims Decisions for Insurance

Video: Kespry, the leading aerial intelligence solution provider, has delivered new on-site and mobile-based drone tools to dramatically accelerate the assessment of roof damage from hail and storms.

Using Drones to Measure and Manage Stockpile Inventory

On-demand Webinar: Companies using Kespry drone solutions are transforming the way they manage their stockpile inventory and optimize operations across multiple sites.

3 Ways to Improve Mine Planning with Drone Data

Guide: Using traditional survey equipment for mine planning and earthwork operations management can often lead to increased project costs and delays in schedules.

The Future of Inventory Management

Whitepaper: Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform enables mining and aggregates organizations to maximize revenue with more accurate inventory management.

Using Drone Data for Mine Planning (APAC-Central)

On-demand Webinar: Mine Planning Engineer, David Lloyd, APAC-Central, discusses how their company uses drone data for mine planning.

APAC-Central Uses Kespry to Transform Mining Operations

Case Study: APAC-Central Uses Kespry to Transform Mining Operations

How Drones are Driving 1-Hour Roof Claim Decisions

On-demand Webinar: Getting to a Faster, Safer, More Accurate Claims Resolution.

How to Successfully Manage Earthworks Operations with Kespry

Guide: Drones are providing construction companies with a new way of achieving survey-grade accurate data faster and more frequently.

The Benefit of Aerial Intelligence for Construction Projects

Case Study: Drones are providing construction companies with a new method for accurate survey work throughout their entire worksite.

Eucon Corporation Reduces Costs with Kespry Inventory Management

Video: Discover why Eucon Corporation, an industry leader in aggregates, chose Kespry to improve how they manage their inventory and save thousands of dollars annually with aerial data that's accurate, frequent, and standardized across all their sites.

Sully-Miller Improves Mine Planning and Operations

Video: See how Sully-Miller improved their mine planning and operations with Kespry.

How Lehigh Hanson Uses Kespry Drones for Mining Operations

On-demand Webinar: Listen to Lehigh Hanson's Operations Analyst, Mike Moy, discuss how they track inventory, perform mine planning, and control production costs using Kespry.

Complete Roofing Changes the Way Roofers Operate

Case Study: Complete Roofing is a Residential and Commercial Roofing Company serving Georgia and Tennessee that is taking the lead to change the way roofing companies operate. Complete Roofing is committed to changing people’s minds about roofing.

How to Launch Your Drones for Storm Season

On-demand Webinar: Take charge of storm season with drone solutions.

Storm Season Checklist

Guide: Take charge of the storm season with aerial intelligence

Haag Roof Measurement Accuracy Report

Report: Kespry is the first company to submit its enterprise drone system to Haag for independent evaluation and to receive the firm’s seal-of-approval for roof measurements.