Webinar: 3 Myths About Drone-Based Roof Inspections
Fact or fiction?

Over the last few years drone-based assessment technologies have taken flight throughout top inspection teams. However, despite early drone successes and rapidly growing market adoption, some remain skeptical about the effectiveness and viability of internal drone programs at scale. While many industry-leading inspection teams already utilize professional-grade drone hardware and analytics software to streamline their claims process, those evaluating the launch of an internal drone program can be distracted by misconceptions or common drone “myths”. It’s time to separate myth from reality. Join us as we investigate the 3 most common drone myths, and how the best inspection teams are myth-busting them. Top Drone Myths:
  1. Drone systems and software are difficult to rollout and use at scale
  2. Drones aren’t much faster than traditional methods
  3. Drone programs aren’t cost effective
Speakers:    Michael Hersher, VP, Customer Success, Kespry    Nathan Stump, Director of Product Marketing, Kespry VIEW ONDEMAND

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