Choosing the Right Drone System for Inventory Measurement & Mine Planning
3 Key Features of an Effective, Reliable Drone Solution

On-Demand Webinar Drones have emerged as a vital tool for Aggregates and Mining businesses, enabling real-time tracking of stockpile inventories and mine planning activities. With so many drone solutions available, how does one choose the most effective program? If you currently are a drone user or are considering implementing a drone program, join us to explore the 3 key features of an effective, reliable drone solution: 1. Maximize efficiency by measuring stockpiles and tracking mine planning operations with a fully autonomous drone flight 2. Decrease writedowns and maximize profitability through survey-grade accuracy 3. Ensure adoption with an easy-to-use and complete drone solution that can be quickly implemented and scaled across your sites   Our esteemed customer, Kris Lawson from R.K. Hall, speaks about his direct experience using a DIY drone + software solution, and how that process compares to Kespry's all-in-one package.

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