Drone Surveys for End-of-Year Mining Inventories
Standardized inventory data, unlimited surveys, eliminated write-downs

On-Demand Webinar Discover how using an enterprise-class drone system throughout the year enables aggregates and mining companies to successfully close end-of-year books and avoid costly write-downs. Join Kespry and featured industry leaders discuss success stories of how using the most reliable and accurate drone system improves production efficiency and maximizes profitability. Key learnings focus on how a frequent and easy to use enterprise-class drone solution:
  • Increases profitability with accuracy improvements from 25% true volume to 1-3% true volume
  • Reduces time and costs of site surveys from weeks to days
  • Improves sales order fulfillment with a single standardized inventory database across all sites
  “Kespry allows us to get more rapid and consistent data. Scheduling quarterly updates for 25-30 locations was not a feasible idea with prior technology to get this kind of data in this kind of timeframe." ~David Lloyd, Mine Planning Engineer, APAC Central

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