How to Launch Your Drones For Storm Season
Take Charge of Storm Season with a Drone Solution

Leading companies are taking charge of storm season with drone solutions.

When aided with an aerial intelligence system, organizations are able to streamline the claims process for a better customer experience, reduce loss adjustment expenses, and keep their inspectors out of harm’s way.

Hail and hurricane seasons present the ideal opportunity to launch (or expand) a drone program because they provide P&C insurers, roofing companies, and third-party adjusters a substantial increase in claims activity in concentrated areas.

Join as we break down the key elements of a successful drone program launch for Storm Season:

  1. Creating a deployment plan for storm season
  2. How to fit drones into your existing workflow
  3. Achieving a drone rollout at scale
  4. Top tips for a healthy drone program


Nathan Stump, Director, Product Marketing, Kespry

Chelsea Kim, Customer Success Team Lead, Kespry

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