05.03.17 Kespry

The Fourth Industrial Age, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Class Drones

In a few short years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a trending topic in the technology community, as well as in popular culture. And it has already had a profound impact on our daily lives. It is powering self-driving cars, autonomous drones, virtual-assistants, and almost all our online experiences. All our interactions with Facebook, Instagram or Messenger are shaped by AI. Many household technologies including Tesla Autopilot, Google Home, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa would not exist today without it.

AI is the driving force for the Fourth Industrial Age, ushering in an era in which the lines between our physical and digital worlds will increasingly blur. In the not so distant future, every industrial asset in the physical world will likely have its “digital twin” in the cloud. These twin assets will exchange data seamlessly to power real-time remote operations and control. Economists are forecasting that this age will materialize at an exponential pace and will have transformative impact across all industries. If its true potential is delivered, AI will produce significant gains in human efficiencies and productivity, therefore, improving income levels and quality of life across the globe.

Both acceleration and adoption of innovation and the velocity of disruption are hard to predict. Historically, they have yielded constant surprises for almost everyone including the companies behind the innovation. There is a growing restlessness in society today surrounding the potential disruption AI powered autonomous technology could cause. However legitimate these concerns may be, I firmly believe that the ensuing productivity gains, just like the preceding shifts, will augment human capabilities allowing humans to do existing tasks smarter, faster, cheaper, and better. And, we’ll find ourselves able to set our eyes on entirely new frontiers.

Commercial drone technology from companies such as Kespry is one such AI-powered solution that has shown the potential to deliver 100x improvements over existing solutions. It does so by augmenting human capabilities rather than displacing them. Companies in insurance, mining & aggregates, architecture/engineering/construction (A/E/C), and energy industries are increasingly taking advantage of Kespry’s Aerial Intelligence Platform. They are being used to automate surveys, inspections, workflow and related machine-learning powered analysis. Increasing human safety, improving accuracy, lowering cost and reducing time-to-decision are the four key tenets of Kespry’s solution and all Kespry customers capture these benefits.

Kespry’s vertically integrated approach, from autonomous drones to turnkey industry-specific cloud apps, combined with a unique business model, has delivered immediate business value to all of customers. In four short years since its founding, Kespry has done a remarkable job in building an insurmountable lead in technology, talent, customers and industries. As much as I am sad to leave Facebook, the company I absolutely love and admire, I am equally excited to join Kespry to advance products, analytics and user-experience.