02.14.18 Jason Nichols 

The Future of Inventory Management

Over the past 60 years, several methods have been developed and adopted to assess inventory status. Points on piles have been captured with hand-held levels, base and rover GPS systems, terrestrial lasers, and manned aerial flights. Each of these systems proved effective within known expectations, but often resulted in aggregate and mining companies having to absorb painful costs due to their inaccuracies and translating data between systems.

There are several reasons why “yesterday’s” technology is not used on a regular basis, as it detrimentally affects company performance. For example, the majority of projects are not large enough to justify the costs and time for manned aerial flights, and MSHA and company liabilities cannot afford workers walking piles. Ultimately, operations management suffers from inaccurate data and ROI is eroded.

The Future of Inventory Management

Drone technology is solving a big piece of the puzzle by offering aerial data capture coupled with powerful cloud solutions. Kespry is providing aggregates and mining companies a complete aerial intelligence solution that includes an industrial-grade drone and robust analytical platform to manage inventory on a much more frequent “as needed” basis. Kespry’s entire system is automated and allows operators to quickly and safely perform flights across multiple sites that result in the highest level of survey accuracy available today.

This new workflow enables companies to approach stockpile inventory management much differently than they have in the past. The data becomes a reliable source of information that can be used across the entire organization in a standardized format. The Kespry platform is a tool that not only delivers accurate measurement but also serves as a single, centralized source for inventory management. Further, sales and operations teams can leverage real-time data to confidently check quantities and validate performance to make better business decisions.

Using drone technology to perform inventory survey is proving to bring a substantial increase in value than previous survey methods. When incorporating the Kespry Aerial Intelligence Platform, the entire organization can leverage more frequent and higher accuracy data that saves time, lowers costs and increases revenue.

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