01.18.19 Jason Nichols

D&T Excavation Boosts Earthworks Operation Productivity with Kespry

We’re very pleased to post a brand new video featuring D&T Excavation, an Oregon-based earthwork contractor serving commercial, residential, and government agencies. They’re using the Kespry aerial intelligence platform to perform unlimited site surveys to track daily topographic changes, document earthwork quantities, and help ensure the safety of their employees.

D&T chose Kespry following a recommendation and demonstration from their strategic equipment partner Papé Machinery, a member of the John Deere dealer network that Kespry has a global strategic alliance with.

“Everyone’s biggest nightmare is to bid a job and then find out that it’s something different than what you’re expecting,” said Dan Liechty, Project Engineer, D&T. “A lot of times, the existing contours or elevations we’re getting from an engineer could be outdated or based on some inaccurate, not detailed survey techniques. There’s supposed to be all this dirt there and then it ends up not being there. With Kespry, we can go out there and verify it without spending two or three days doing a topographical analysis with a GPS base and rover.”

Watch the video and learn more: