Drones for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Kespry’s drone and analytics platform enables companies to improve profitability through quick, cost-effective, and accurate surveying of chip and roundwood sites. Kespry allows production plant and production managers to analyze stockpile inventories, better manage supply chain activity, and improve site operations – maximizing profitability across production and supply chain operations.


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Use Cases

Use Cases

Inventory Management

Customers who use Kespry to monitor their chip and roundwood inventories at pulp and paper facilities are increasing accuracy of true volumes to within 1-3%. Production teams can rely on a single integrated drone solution for a safer and more efficient method of surveying qualities of materials in production processing or storage sites, without relying on expensive third parties to deliver that data.

Site Planning and Operations Management

With the Kespry Drone solution, mill yard operations and supply chains are better managed with frequent and accurate surveys. Daily or weekly flights enable supply managers to access real-time site data to balance incoming materials. This timely data allows everyone involved in the production supply chain to optimize their activity based on timely data, from the purchasing of fiber to managing customer expectations on product delivery, to the optimal planning of site layouts.

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Landfill Biomass Monitoring

Pulp and paper companies engaged in monitoring of woodwaste within landfills are flying Kespry frequently to monitor the biomass cells as they change - enabling teams to have the most accurate assessment without requiring third-party services to perform regular surveys.

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The Future of Inventory Management

Whitepaper: Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform enables mining and aggregates organizations to maximize revenue with more accurate inventory management.

Inventory and Site Survey: More Accurate, More Cost Effective, and Safer

On-demand Webinar

Using Drones to Measure and Manage Stockpile Inventory

On-demand Webinar: Companies using Kespry drone solutions are transforming the way they manage their stockpile inventory and optimize operations across multiple sites.

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